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Drilled vs Slotted Rotors: Infiniti Q50

infiniti q50 - Drilled vs Slotted Rotors: Infiniti Q50

If you’ve been driving an Infiniti Q50 or recently purchased one, it may be time to replace your brake pads and rotors. Given the number of options you have on the open market, it’s not always an easy decision. In this article we’ll discuss whether or not drilled or slotted rotors are best for your Infiniti Q50.

What are Drilled Rotors?

geomet front or rear drilled 800x800 - Drilled vs Slotted Rotors: Infiniti Q50
Drilled Rotors

Drilled brake rotors are rotors that have drilled holes on their face. These holes serve an aesthetic, as well as a functional purpose for your car. They make your car look great while allowing the water and other liquids to evaporate while driving in wet terrain. When your brakes are dry, they perform better, so you’d want drilled rotors if you find yourself in rainy environments. 

In addition to evaporating water more quickly, drilled rotors reduce the heat that builds on the rotor by up to 105°F. This is called heat dissipation. Drilled rotors are also chamfered, which greatly reduces the potential for cracking.

What are Slotted Rotors?

geomet front or rear slotted 800x800 - Drilled vs Slotted Rotors: Infiniti Q50
Slotted Rotors

Slotted brake rotors, on the other hand, have slotted grooves on their face, instead of drilled holes. These also serve an aesthetic as well as a functional purpose for your brakes. The slots act as blades that shave away the brake dust as well as other particles that may come in between the contact points of your pads and rotors. While shaving sounds like a bad thing, when it comes to high-speed driving, this is actually a good thing. 

When you shave away the brake dust, you allow the contact points between the rotors and the pads to be unobstructed, giving you the best performance your brakes can offer. Slotted rotors also prevent pad glazing, extending the life of the pad and the rotor. The diamond tipped ends provide an indicator for rotor replacement. When the tips are gone, rotor replacement is necessary. Super simple. 

Are there other options?

There are other options available for your Infiniti Q50. For example, there are blank faced rotors and drilled and slotted rotors. Our focus here, however, is exclusively on drilled rotors and slotted rotors. 

drive q50 1000x667 - Drilled vs Slotted Rotors: Infiniti Q50

Which rotor is best for your Infiniti Q50?

The Infiniti Q50 comes in four variants, Pure, Luxe, Sensory, and Red Sport. You’ll want the best brake performance and parts for this luxury vehicle. If  you have the Infiniti Q50 Sport, then performance matters even more, especially if you visit the track regularly. 

In the end, drilled rotors look great and provide excellent heat dissipation, for longer lasting performance. Slotted rotors prevent pad glazing and remind you when you need to change out your rotors. Either one, gets you unmatched performance and style. However, we recommend drilled and slotted rotors for the absolute best in performance, safety and reliability. Happy driving!

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