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What Causes Brake Pedal Pulsation or Vibration?

Your brake system is responsible for the very tedious job of slowing down and stopping your vehicle. This job gets very difficult especially when you drive at high speeds. Your brakes often reach very high temperatures caused by the friction it uses to slow your vehicle down. This makes it common for people to meet […]

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How to Detect Bad Caliper Symptoms

Do you feel like something’s wrong with your brakes, but you can’t seem to point it out? Are you trying to diagnose your vehicle’s calipers, but you aren’t sure whether they’re the problem or not? Fear not, because listed below are some of the symptoms that you should be looking out for if your caliper’s […]

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How to Bed Brakes to Improve Braking Power

If you’ve recently gone to the mechanic and heard the phrase, ‘bed your brakes’, and you’re wondering what it means, then you’ve come to the right article.  What does ‘bedding your brakes’ even mean? Bedding your brakes is a phrase used in the automotive industry that basically means breaking them in. You do this to […]

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10 Steps to Take if You Have Worn Brake Pads

You might be experiencing worn out brake pads right now, but you don’t know what to do after finding out. If you’re wondering what the next steps are, then you might want to read on. Confirm that your brake pads are worn out Sometimes, the brake system of your car can be confusing. Sometimes, the […]

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8 Car Fluids to Keep Your Vehicle in Top Shape

Aside from the solid parts of your car, it also needs various fluids to work properly. Here are some of the most important fluids to keep your vehicle in perfect condition to drive you anywhere you might need to go. 1. Gasoline Yes, we’re starting this off with the most basic fluid that your car […]

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Man comparing Brake Pads

Know Your Brake Wear

Brake systems, like tires, should wear evenly at all times. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. So if your vehicle is experiencing brake wear, and you want to know how to address it, this article is for you.  Even Wear The first type of brake wear is even worn. This happens when your brake systems are […]

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