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Stopping the World! Together

Stopping the World! Together

Improve your safety by improving your braking Take extra precautions to keep you moving safely Check your brakes and upgrade to quality brake parts.

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R1Moab20 1000x667 - Easter Jeep Safari 2022: Day 1

Easter Jeep Safari 2022: Day 1

There is no doubt that anyone that’s taken on the Hell’s Revenge Trail in Moab, Utah, knows that it takes a lot of power and performance to deliver the very best result. The Easter Jeep Safari is perhaps one of the best demonstrations of this. What Is the Easter Jeep Safari? The Easter Jeep Safari […]

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2021 LA Auto Show

Electric Vehicles: Their Rise and Future

Commonly referred to as an EV, an electric vehicle is one that uses electric motors to generate movement – as opposed to the internal combustion engine that most of us are used to. Sometimes, those motors are charged via a battery. In other situations, they’re charged using solar technology. Regardless – they’ve become an important […]

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Man comparing Brake Pads

Know Your Brake Wear

Brake systems, like tires, should wear evenly at all times. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. So if your vehicle is experiencing brake wear, and you want to know how to address it, this article is for you.  Even Wear The first type of brake wear is even worn. This happens when your brake systems are […]

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Add brake fluid to the car engine

What Type of Brake Fluid Should I Use?

Many drivers are unaware that there are different types of brake fluid. Our readers (ahem), of course, are all experts, so this will come as no surprise. For everyone else, however, here is a guide for you to understand the various types of brake fluid and the difference between them.  What Are the Types of […]

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Parked white car

Drilled vs Slotted Rotors: Ford Focus ST

Ford Focus Sports Technologies (Ford Focus ST) first appeared in 2005 when Ford released a new vehicle for their Sport lineup. It was reported to have reached 0-60 mph in an outstanding 6.4 seconds, with a top speed of 152 mph.  What is the Ford Focus ST Designed For? Before determining whether drilled or slotted […]

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Performance Off-Road/Tow logo

Off-Road Week: Behind the Scenes with R1 Concepts

Off-Road Week: Behind the Scenes with R1 Concepts Mudding, sand racing, rock crawling, overlanding or plowing through the snow…off-roading can look differently, but one thing is the same: it’s about venturing off the beaten-path and discovering unexplored terrain. Because when you lose yourself…you find yourself. Check out our video above for exclusive, behind the scenes […]

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