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Brake Bleeding

Brake bleeding is a procedure performed on your brake system where brake lines containing brake fluids are removed of any air bubbles. Over time air and moisture can get into your brake lines that can compromise your safety and the effectiveness of your brake system How to check if you need brake bleeding: Confirming that […]

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How to Properly Break In Your New Brakes

Bedding your brakes gives the benefit of making your brakes last longer additionally saving you money in the future.  There are few methods and process in how to bed new brakes. Here’s one way you can properly bed your newly installed brakes. Assuming your new installed brakes for your car or truck have been tested […]

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How to Choose Brake Pads | Ceramic or Organic Brake Pads

If you are wondering how to choose brake pads for your vehicle, visit R1 Concepts online today. View our tips and tricks for choosing the right brake pads here! Nowadays, we have ceramics, semi-metallic, organic, and metallic formulations. Choosing the best combination for your vehicle isn’t always clear as black and white. Here are some […]

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Formula Drift Basic Rules

Hi everyone. This is Cynthia [Tran] from R1Concepts. I am a fan of Formula Drift for the past 3 years. Drifting is a different type of race. It’s not actually a race where everyone tries to get to the finished line. It’s about style and control. Drifters are scored by speed, line, and angle. The […]

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RACE: NHRA Drag Racing Christmas Tree Explained

Have you ever notice when you attend street legal drag racing events, the “Christmas tree” which is the staging light reacts differently from the NHRA Pro drag racing events? There are two different types of sequence for the Christmas Tree.  Both drag racing Christmas trees will utilize the same staging sequence where the front tires […]

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