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How to Properly Break In Your New Brakes

b bedding - How to Properly Break In Your New Brakes

Bedding your brakes gives the benefit of making your brakes last longer additionally saving you money in the future.  There are few methods and process in how to bed new brakes. Here’s one way you can properly bed your newly installed brakes.

Assuming your new installed brakes for your car or truck have been tested & inspected properly to operate. The next step is “bedding”. Bedding is basically making your new brake pads and rotors to work together properly so you can get the best performance from your brakes. The process of bedding can be repetitive however it’s a very crucial level in order for your brakes to perform properly.   Below we have easy to follow procedures in order to get you going (bedding).

Step 1: The first step requires many repetitive accelerating and quick decelerating. We recommend having this done on a race track or somewhere with a very low traffic to avoid accidents.  Speed up to 60 MPH and start applying the brake gently a few times to bring them up to their usual operating temperature. This conditions the pads & rotors to have enough heat to generate for the next steps.

Step 2: Next step you’re going to need to do stops from 60 Miles per hour to 10 miles per hour and press the brake firmly, but not hard enough to the point your abs activates or the wheels will go into lock. Upon slowing down (DO NOT COME TO A COMPLETE STOP) immediately speed up again to 60 Miles per hour and apply the brakes again. This process needs to be done about 8 to 10 times. Always remember that during this process you must NOT come to complete stop because it can ruin your brakes performance.

Step 3: Depending on how many cycles of the process you did from Step 2. The 8 or 10th final stop what you need to do is accelerate a little more, but try to use as little brakes as possible in order to give the brakes to cool down. Remember do NOT come to complete stop.

Other Note* If you are bedding in performance/racing brakes, you’re going need to perform an extra higher speed and additional stops.

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