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2014 Bimmerfest Car Show Coverage

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To many, a BMW is a status symbol. To the non tuning eye, a BMW is just a flashy ride that you see 1 of every 3 people driving in high end areas. Though to mostly everyone, it is and has mostly always been known as “The Ultimate Driving Machine” due to its performance and heavy advertising through the years on TV and all Media Outlets. For an automobile that can make such a claim, it definitely deserves an event that can live up to the BMW reputation, and Bimmerfest has made way into the Automotive Culture with a presence stronger than any of the previous years in it’s 15th Anniversary.

Just like many of the previous events, Bimmerfest was held at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA. We had a chance to see the 2015 BMW i8 in person and photos just did not do that machine justice. Four generations of the performance inspired BMW M3 were on display, and of course heavily modified. John Zhang of 1013MM brought out his BMW 328i with a new set of Volk TE-37’s, which recently replaced the gold chromed set of Rotiforms wrapped in Toyo rubber. What brings the attention most to this ride is that the newly added blue exterior is wrap, and not a fresh coat of paint. Vorsteiner also came out in full force and had a mass array of parts on several cars throughout the show and had an impressive display at their booth.

Bimmerfest 2014 Participant.

Bimmerfest 2014 Car Participant.

Bimmerfest 2014 Car Participant.

Bimmerfest 2014 Car Participant.

If you had a chance to stop by our booth, we had our #StoppingTheWorld display on hand with the beautiful Brittany Paige and Amber Alvarez, while the infamous Big Abe stood guard with our Signature R1 Concept BBK and Nutek Wheel necklace around his neck. Overall a great show, we can’t wait for the next.

Bimmerfest 2014 Car Participant with R1 models posing.

Bimmerfest 2014 Car Participant with a R1 model.

Bimmerfest 2014 Car Participant with a model.

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