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Drilled vs Slotted Rotors: Ford F-150

ford f150 web 1 - Drilled vs Slotted Rotors: Ford F-150

If you’re thinking about replacing the rotors on your Ford F-150, you’ve come to the right place. The Ford F-150 is a staple in the pick-up truck industry. It’s one of the few vehicles that are recognized by name and by look. It has achieved a multitude of awards and continues to have a soft spot in the hearts of drivers everywhere. 

While there are several different types of brake rotors, two of the most common are drilled rotors and slotted rotors. There are an abundance of parts in the Ford F-150 market, making it complicated to search and find the right parts. So which brake rotors are best for your Ford F-150? 

What are Drilled Rotors?

drilled rotor - Drilled vs Slotted Rotors: Ford F-150

Drilled rotors are brake rotors that have holes drilled onto their faces. If you’re wondering what these holes are for, there are both aesthetic and functional purposes. Aesthetically speaking, those drilled holes could make your wheels stand out if paired with the right rims. However, their functionality goes deeper than that. 

The first benefit of drilled rotors is their ability to dissipate heat. Heat builds up when you press down on your brakes and the drilled holes provide an outlet for that heat to dissipate. If too much heat builds up, it might cause your brakes to perform poorly over time, or wear down faster. 

The second benefit has to do with water. Just as drilled holes allow heat to escape, they also allow water to evaporate. Water and other fluids get into your brake systems when you run over puddles, or when you drive during the rainy season. 

What are Slotted Rotors?

slotted rotor - Drilled vs Slotted Rotors: Ford F-150

Slotted brake rotors, on the other hand, have slotted grooves on them. These grooves act like a blade that shaves away the unwanted debris from the contact points of your pads and rotors. These slots, like the drilled holes, also have aesthetic and functional purposes. 

The first benefit of slotted rotors is their ability to shave away debris, like brake dust and other particles from your brake pads and rotors. This allows your brakes to engage at optimum performance. This is the main reason why slotted rotors are preferred by those that spend a lot of time on the track. If performance is what you’re looking for, then you should go for slotted rotors.

What Type of Rotors Should You Get for Your Ford F-150?

Ford F150 web 2 - Drilled vs Slotted Rotors: Ford F-150

Getting down to the main event of this article, if you’re looking for replacement brake rotors, your decisive factor should be how you use your vehicle. If you need high-performance brakes, then you might want to opt for the slotted rotors. If you use it more for daily drives, then drilled rotors would work better for you. 

There is no ‘correct’ choice that works for everyone when it comes to types of brakes. This is because each one of us has a different driving style and a different reason for purchasing the vehicle that they have. 

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