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The Perfect Gift
The Perfect Gift
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eLINE Series Brake Rotors
Improve your safety by improving your braking.
R1 Carbon GEOMET® Series Brake Rotors
Premium line of brake rotors recommended for street
performance, track/rally, off-roading, and towing/hauling.
R1 Concepts Brake Pads
Reliable braking performance for any
driving style and environment.
R1 Forged Series Big Brake Kit
The solution to getting more stopping power
when your current brakes just isn’t enough
R1 Concepts Brake Sensors
Designed and produced to have the same form, fit, and
function as the original equipment part enabling easy
installation and ensuring proper fit
R1 Concepts Brake Hardware
Reduces noise/vibration and premature wear. Recommended
repalacement with every brake pad change.
R1 Concepts Brake Drums
High quality cast iron materials which guarantees
appropriate weight, strength, and metallurgy.
R1 Concepts Brake Shoes
High quality friction materials for long
lasting reliability and low noise.
Brake Fluid
Many vehicle manufacturers recommend fluid
maintenance is vital for optimal braking performance
Caliper Paint Kit
Make your calipers stand out.
R1 Concepts Accessories
Let everyone know you represent R1 Concepts
Performance Brakes! #teamR1
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