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Can You Change Only the Brake Rotors?

, Can You Change Only the Brake Rotors?

When you replace the brake rotors but keep your old brake pads, you
save money and time. You can get by with just replacing brake rotors,
but you may want to replace the brake pads at the same time – even if
they do not strictly need it.

Here’s why:

The old brake pads and the old rotors were worn down together. The
pads hit the rotors in the same spots hundreds of times a day, stopping
your car.

When you replace the rotors, you have fresh, flat brake rotors and
grooved brake pads that will only make contact with the brake
in places where the pads have high points
. The grooved areas
of the pads cannot reach the rotors.

As a result, you do not have access to your car’s full stopping
. If you needed to come to a hard stop in an emergency, you may
not be able to stop in time
. Additionally, if you change only the brake
, and your brakes keep making noise, it may be due to the
uneven wear between the pads and the brakes
. Changing your brake
will end unwanted braking noises and return your
full braking power.

, Can You Change Only the Brake Rotors?

It is beneficial to replace both your brake pads and rotors at the
same time
. Especially if you are replacing your brake parts yourself, the
cost of the components is minor. It may be worth the added peace of
mind (and less time spent on brake maintenance later) to just go ahead
and replace the pads with the rotors.

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, Can You Change Only the Brake Rotors?

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