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Ultimate Guide: The Best Brake Kit for Ford F-150 – Performance Meets Durability

Imagine cruising down the highway in your Ford F-150, the wind whipping through your hair. Suddenly, a deer darts out in front of you. Your heart races as you stomp on the brakes… and to your relief, your truck comes to a smooth, quick stop. That’s the power of a high-quality brake system, like the […]

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Parked Vehicles

The History of Tuner Cars and Culture: How Tuner Cars and Culture Started

Tuner cars started before cars were even invented. Back then, the Roots Brothers needed a way to melt iron faster, so they created a way to introduce air induction to the fire via a blower. The theory didn’t really take off until the 1920s when Gottlieb Daimler used the Roots’ idea for air induction into […]

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R1 Concepts Optimum OEP Brake Pads

The Ultimate Guide to choosing the best car brakes

Components Of A Brake Pad Brake pads are one of the most important components of a vehicle’s braking system. Additionally, worn brake pads can cause vibrations and noises when applying the brakes, which can be an indication of a more significant problem with the braking system.

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R1 Concepts at SEMA 2022

com/watch?v=crBPjtpXtKM If you had to sum up everything that happens at the annual SEMA Show, “innovation” would undoubtedly be it. Later on, there was also an SBN All-Female Build Reveal, which featured a 2021 Ford Bronco Wildtrak complete with all of the modifications you could ever want, from the suspension to the wheels to the […]

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R1 Equipped Vehicle

Veterans Day Sale

Save on brake parts eLINE Series Brake Rotors High-quality stopping power at a low and affordable cost. Shop Now R1 Carbon GEOMET Brake Rotors Maximum benefits in stopping power, durability and performance. Shop Now R1 Concepts Brake Pads Reliable braking performance for any driving style and environment. Shop Now R1 Concepts Brake Hardware Reduces noise/vibration and premature […]

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Flash Savings!

Sale has ended Always be ready for anything or anywhere. Shop now Better brake pads mean less wear on your vehicle – and better performance when you’re out on the road. Shop now Recommended replacement with every brake pad change. Shop now

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