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Ultimate Guide: The Best Brake Kit for Ford F-150 – Performance Meets Durability

Imagine cruising down the highway in your Ford F-150, the wind whipping through your hair. Suddenly, a deer darts out in front of you. Your heart races as you stomp on the brakes… and to your relief, your truck comes to a smooth, quick stop. That’s the power of a high-quality brake system, like the […]

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R1 Concepts Optimum OEP Brake Pads

The Ultimate Guide to choosing the best car brakes

Components Of A Brake Pad Brake pads are one of the most important components of a vehicle’s braking system. Additionally, worn brake pads can cause vibrations and noises when applying the brakes, which can be an indication of a more significant problem with the braking system.

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R1 Concepts Joins GenRight at King of the Hammers

be/EY3NzgbOnMU This year, Jordan Pellegrino and co-driver Gunnar Velasquez drove the #98 GenRight/Mickey Thompson racecar in Saturday’s 4400 unlimited class main race, the Race of Kings. The team did not skip a beat, and immediately sent people back to main pit to get the spare transmission cooler and parts to get the car back moving […]

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Visibly thin or worn down brake pads

Resurface Rotors vs Replace: Making the Smart Choice for Your Brakes

Replacing your brake rotors is an inevitable process that you’ll have to go through, especially if you want to keep your car performing its best over the years. This means that while resurfacing is a valid option for you, you may only want to do it if the wear on your brake rotor isn’t too […]

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Drilled vs Slotted Rotors: BMW 335i

The BMW 335i was first released in 2010, making it 11 years old as of the writing of this article. However, for people who use their vehicles daily, the marginal improvement of the brake systems may not matter as much as the money they’d save on replacement pads.

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R1 Forged Series Big Brake Kit

Graduation Savings on R1 Brake Parts and Accessories

SO MANY WAYS TO SAY CONGRATULATIONS! Shop for Grads Supercharge with our Big Brake Kit for the Grad Learn More

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