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Heavy Duty Brake Pads for Heavy Duty Applications

Want to tow like a pro? Haul like a pro? Off-road like a pro?

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Then certainly you know that you’re not going to be able to use factory brakes. Yes, while factory brakes are more than adequate for normal driving conditions, they’re far from ideal for more demanding or for heavy-duty applications. Think about it – trucks are heavy as it is, hauling a trailer, boat or camper is just going to cause the brakes to work that much harder to safely and securely bring the vehicle to a stop. And brakes are more likely to fail when they overheat and become hot, which demanding conditions can certainly cause. Do you trust the factory brakes on your vehicle to get the job done?

That’s where the Super Heavy Duty Series from R1 Concepts comes into play. As the name implies, these are brake pads that are designed to stand up to the toughest of the toughest challenges and driving conditions. There’s no off-roading, hauling or towing challenge that the Super Heavy Duty Series can’t meet. Read on for more details and contact R1 Concepts today for more information.

The Super Heavy Duty Series: What You Need to Know

R1 SUPER Heavy Duty Series Brake Pads

The Super Heavy Duty Series is far from your standard brake pad. This series features the likes of advanced, semi-metallic formulation – and it’s purposefully designed for heavy vehicles, for vehicles that tow and haul, and for vehicles that off-road on the regular. With the Super Heavy Duty Series, you can rest assured that you’ll always have reliable and consistent braking in demanding conditions – and in any temperature range. Offering a firm pedal feel, you’ll always feel in control of your vehicle and have the confidence that your brakes won’t let you down. As the best brake on the market for demanding vehicle applications and conditions, braking performance will never be compromised when you’re driving on the Super Heavy Duty Series. That, we can assure you.

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For more information on R1 Concepts’ Super Heavy Duty Series of brake pads for demanding applications, contact us today. R1 Concepts’ mission is to supply performance brake parts to drivers, and the Super Heavy Duty Series more than accomplishes this. For more information on the Super Heavy Duty Series and to learn more about R1 Concepts‘ line of performance brake parts and accessories, contact us today.



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