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R1 Carbon GEOMET® Series Drilled & Slotted

R1 Carbon GEOMET Series, Super Heavy Duty Series & More!

R1 Carbon GEOMET® Series Drilled & Slotted Next Generation of Brake Rotors. Superior corrosion protection and enhanced noise dampening, the R1 Carbon GEOMET® Series is built to last. R1 Super Heavy Duty Series We have designed our R1 Concepts SUPER Heavy Duty Series brake pads to provide the absolute best performance while also limiting the […]

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2020 R1 Concepts equipped Victoria Truck Video

Heavy Duty Brake Pads for Heavy Duty Applications

Want to tow like a pro? Haul like a pro? Off-road like a pro? Then certainly you know that you’re not going to be able to use factory brakes. Yes, while factory brakes are more than adequate for normal driving conditions, they’re far from ideal for more demanding or for heavy-duty applications. Think about it […]

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