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Wrap rotor

Pro Tips To Avoid Warped Brake Rotors

Here are some things to consider that will help prevent warped rotors: Upgrade to cross drilled rotors or cross drilled & slotted rotors. Cross drilled rotors and cross drilled and slotted rotors will provide better heat ventilation. It will bring the temperature of the rotor down to a point where heat spots are least likely […]

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R1 Carbon GEOMET® Series Brake Rotor and R1 Performance Sport Series Brake Pads

Score R1 Carbon GEOMET® Series Brake Rotors!

Set it up with R1 Carbon GEOMET® Series Brake Rotors. Aimed at high-performance driving, these rotors are designed not just for everyday use but for street performance, track, off-roading, and towing/hauling. When you need the best performance, the R1 Carbon GEOMET® Series will provide effective and quiet stopping power. Learn More About R1 Carbon GEOMET® […]

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main image - A+ Brake Parts & Accessories!

A+ Brake Parts & Accessories!

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Directional Rotors and Straight Vane Rotors

Directional Rotors and Straight Vane Rotors We often receive questions regarding which way are rotors are supposed to face when installed. There is a misconception that ALL rotors must face a certain way for maximum cooling efficiency.  The answer solely depends on the internal vane structure of the rotor itself— whether, the vanes are straight […]

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Spring Festival of LXs 2012 Raffle Winners!

Thank you for visiting us at our booth! Please see below if you are our R1 Concepts Prize Winner! 1st Prize Winner: Bill Shimer Prize: ELINE Drilled & Diamond SlottedFront Rotors   2nd Prize Winner: Maurice Adams Prize: StopTech Front Brake Pads   3rd Prize Winner: Julie Stewart Prize: ATE Blue Brake Fluid *All Winners […]

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