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Posi Quiet Brakes Pads – Semi Metallic, Ceramic, or Extended Wear


Posi Quiet Brake Pads speaks for itself.  The “Posi” in Posi Quiet brake pads means these pads are positive mold.  What the heck is positive mold?  Positive mold (Image #1 below) is a Original Equipment Manufacture process in making an OEM brake pad.

In positive mold, the fictions material are highly compress into a brake pad molding plate and then is bonded by extreme pressure into the backing plate of the pads.  With positive mold, there will be consistent fiction material density throughout the whole pad.  Meaning, even brake wear and consistent performance throughout the pads’ life.  Also, with positive mold there’s no need of worrying about any adhesives being in the friction material.  (Many non-positive mold pads use adhesives to combine the fiction material with the backing plates.)

The “Quiet” in Posi Quiet is because these are truly quiet pads.  There are many key characteristics in making a brake pad less noisy and squeaky.  Posi Quiets are pads are all mechanically shimmed (Image #2) and shimmed accordingly to specification of each brake pad application.  Many other company shim their pads, but using universal shims, where they cover only some section of the pads.   That can lead to possible noise and vibration.  Another feature Posi Quiet brakes pads have to noise minimization is having precision cut or shave backing plates (Image #3.)  This with ensure proper fitment into the calipers, resulting in consistent braking power and brake pad wear.  Posi Quiet fiction formulation makes the pads less noisy and squeaky as well.  Also, these pads (depending on your application & specs) are chamfered on the sides to minimize noise.  All these noise abatement features in Posi Quiet brake pads also makes it less noisy but also keeps the pads from vibration.

Before we step into what type of pads Posi Quiet carries,  there are more key features why these pads are considered bang for the buck.  These pads are scorched meaning for no break-in required.  The pads surfaces are pre-heated in a state of the art scorching oven (Image #4), simulating the initial break-in process performance by installation technicians.  No need to worry about pad glazing since these are already scorched.  Take a look at the Scorched chart to compare scorched to non-scorched pad(Image #5.)

Posi Quiet brakes pads comes in 3 types of formulation:  Posi Quiet Semi-Metallic, Posi Quiet Ceramic, and Posi Quiet Extended Wear.  Depending on your driving conditions and  what you’re looking for in a brake pad, Posi Quiet has it for you.  Please take a look at the chart and see what type of pads fits you (Image #6.)  The chart have 6 categories: high temp fade resistance; operating friction level; rotor life; pad life; anti-dust capability; and noise abatement.

Semi-Metallic Quick Features:

-Outstanding wear characteristics

-High Friction level

-Stable friction performance wide temperature ranges

Ceramic Quick Features:

-Longest wearing most advanced material available

-Lowest dust

-Stable friction performance wide temperature ranges

Extended Wear Quick Features:

-Long wearing

-Low brake rotors wear

-Stable friction performance wide temperature rages

-Excellent for fleet service


Posi Quiet will give the performance bite on the brake rotors.  These are aboslutely the best bang for the buck.  If you’re a daily driver, and stop agressive here and there while driving, than these pads fit perfectly for you.  If you’re a aggressive driver/street/track, and always hard on the pedals, than I would recommend Axxis Ulitmates or Hawks HPS. Here at R1 Concepts Inc. we carry Posi Quiet brake pads as well as other brands. Be sure to check us out.

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3 Responses to Posi Quiet Brakes Pads – Semi Metallic, Ceramic, or Extended Wear

  1. Nabil Khanania December 1, 2008 at 10:55 am #

    Do you manufacture your positive molded disc brake pads or you purchase/import them!
    Picture of the aluminum mould, caught my attention because I am the one who machined them long time ago but the picture of the brake is not from where the aluminum mould was made.
    Just asking.

    Dec. 01, 2008

  2. Tek December 1, 2008 at 3:03 pm #


    We do not make the Posi-Quiet brake pads, we get these positive molded pads from our supplier. If you have any other question please ask! Happy Holidays!


    Tek T.


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