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WALL-E: A must see summer movie

I’ve watch WALL-E 2 weeks ago after hearing from my friends that it’s a really good animated movie. I’ve always been a fan of Pixar Animation Studios movies (I’m a kid at heart). The animation in this film is amazing like always. The story is very touching. I won’t go into much detail in case you haven’t […]

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No TV by Feb. 2009?

Congress passed a new law in 2005 to convert analog transmission signals to digital transmission signals by Feb.17, 2009.  So you might have to purchase a new digital television or your existing analog TV set wont work, or do you? I will explain later how to go around this new soon to be effective law. […]

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The Dark Knight – Review: Definite Must See

After Steven B. did a rant blog about Heath Ledger, and his role as the Joker in the ‘The Dark Knight,’ I had to watch it right away.  I’m a old fan of Batman (who isn’t)!  Even though I didn’t read a lot of the comics, I watched the television series when they had Batman & Robin in tights.  […]

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Mercedes Directional Vane Brake Rotors

Many Mercedes Benz E500 (2003 and up) and other Benz Class Owners ask us:  How come you can’t drill and slot my rotors?   I’m here today to elaborate why we don’t, (but it’s not like we cannot.)  Many Mercedes Benz like the 2003+ E500, C55, C32, have rotors that come in a directional curve vane.  Example: As for many Mercedes […]

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Top 5 tips to save money on gas

Gas prices soars to record highs everyday.  This means more money out of our wallets.   However, there are ways to minimize on spending too much money at the gas pumps.  Here are 5 good tips, on how to keep the cash in your stash. 1.  COMMUTE:  Find co-workers, friends, school-mates, that travel the same direction.  […]

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Buying a Hybrid vehicle: More Hype than Practical?

Why the hybrid is a bad investment. With the current gas prices and having to spend $60.00-$70.00 to fill up the gas tank of a family sedan would qualify as a good excuse to want a hybrid. The idea of a hybrid is somewhat too good to be true. You can help save the planet […]

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