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Introducing Off-Road Week! (Jeep Edition)

logo - Introducing Off-Road Week! (Jeep Edition)

Where are all the Off-Roaders? It’s Off-Road Week!

Sometimes you have a need for speed, sometimes you have to slow downnnn to a crawl. . .on the rocks, of course. 

The crew recently got back from crawling the Poison Spider Trail rocks at Moab with a bunch of friends. The steep inclines and declines were definitely a challenge, but with the R1 Performance Off-Road/Tow Pads we had a smooth go of it.

Jeep and Toyota sport some of the most classic off-road vehicles in the game. Today we give the nod to Jeep and keep an eye out for tomorrow’s Toyota email.

And we’ll see you on the road!

jeep 1 - Introducing Off-Road Week! (Jeep Edition)
Check out what Rockstar Ambassador Mitch Moore thinks of crawling down the steep declines of Moab with R1 Performance Off-Road/Tow Pads. Click the video at the top of the page.
jeep 2 - Introducing Off-Road Week! (Jeep Edition)
Don’t go down too fast!
No matter your vehicle, no matter your suspension, these steep declines are ROUGH. With the R1 Performance Off-Road Pads you can creep down the rock like a cat, just like this JK did.
jeep 3 - Introducing Off-Road Week! (Jeep Edition)
Started from the bottom now we’re here
Easter Jeep Safari 2021 was a blast and we hope to get back out there soon! The JK more than lived up to the challenge.
jeep 4 - Introducing Off-Road Week! (Jeep Edition)
Hold on tight!
Stop on a dime. Or a jutting rock in the middle of nowhere. Whatever comes first.
product 1 - Introducing Off-Road Week! (Jeep Edition)
R1 Performance Off-Road/Tow Brake Pads
Designed for only the toughest of vehicles, when you need them most. 
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