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Great Braking Matters: Subaru WRX STI

For anyone who enjoys a great, fast car, the 2013 Subaru WRX STI remains a popular choice. That model year offered a 2.5-liter intercooled and turbocharged 4-cylinder BOXER engine, which was exclusively offered in the STI model.

With 305 hp at 6,000 rpm and an impressive 290 lb-ft of torque at 4,000 rpm, the WRX STI is a good choice for cruising around town or heading out to the track on the weekend.

Fast cars are exciting and fun, but part of enjoying good performance is making sure you can stop when you need to. Whether that’s at a red light in the city or coming into the pits on race day, it’s all important. Here’s what to consider about your STI’s braking system.

The Popularity of the Subaru WRX STI

Because Subaru made such a good vehicle for running around town and around the track, the WRX STI has remained a popular car for years. It’s reliable, fast, and fun, and it can provide a high-quality, sporty feel right out of the showroom or off the lot.

If you have the pleasure of owning a Subaru WRX STI, you’ve probably made some modifications to it over the years. Or maybe you just purchased it, and you’re wondering what kinds of changes to make first, to help it feel like your own.

One of the best things you can do is take a careful look at any mods that are already on the car. If they don’t work for you, or you’re not sure about the way they were done, get them checked out or removed. Performance matters, but so does peace of mind.

The Right Brakes Matter for Safety and Performance

Among the best adjustments you can make to your Subaru WRX STI is upgrading the braking system. While these cars came with good brakes for their time, improvements have been made in braking systems and the power they offer since then. You might also want to upgrade if you intend to race on STI or take it on a few laps around the track from time to time.

When you have the right brakes, you have more control and more security. A braking system from R1 Concepts is the right way to make the change you need for a system you can rely on. You want to be able to trust your brakes when you need them most.

Switch From the Road to the Track With No Trouble

Whether you’re driving down a country road or making laps around the track, you want to make sure your Subaru WRX STI is as sure-footed as possible. Great tires and a quality suspension help with that, but they’re no substitute for the stopping power of trustworthy brakes you can rely on.

You won’t have to make track-day modifications to your STI when you have brakes that meet on and off-track needs. You can just go where you need and want to, and know that you’ve got the stopping power required to handle any driving situation.

Choose a Braking System Provider You Trust

Choosing a braking system from R1 Concepts means peace of mind. Not only will you have brakes you can feel confident with, but you’ll have the backing of a trusted company, too. It’s the best of both worlds for your safety and the enjoyment of your Subaru WRX STI. If you’re interested in a set of R1 Concepts rotors and pads click here to upgrade your brakes today! 

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