What is a Diamond Slot Rotor and why it is superior?

A rotor, or disc, is not just a rotor anymore. A technological advancement in the manufacturing of rotors has created the new diamond slotted rotors. With improved wet weather braking, increased safety and reliability as well as increased brake pad bite, this new diamond rotor is worth the hype. If you are looking for superior street performance you will want to purchase the diamond rotor next tim eyou are ready to replace your pads and rotors.

Advantages of Diamond Slot Rotors

  • Increased brake pad bite
  • Faster release of brake pad gases
  • Indicator of rotor wear
  • Improved wet weather braking
  • Reduced fade
  • Increased safety and reliabity
  • Runs cool, looks cool

Diamond slotted rotors are called as such because of their unique diamond etching pattern. These rotors are recommended for superior street performance. Diamond slotted rotors provide increased braking grab and will help keep your brake pads clean. The diamond etching gives the effect of Cross-Drilled without any danger of cracking.

The Diamond Slots is a truly unique design in slotted technology. This design was created to maximize the out-gassing while at the same time maintaining the structural integrity of the rotor. The series of slots and diamonds slots "wipes" the surface of the pad, reducing gases which build up and cause brakes to fade at higher temperatures.

The slots and diamonds are machined to the minium rotor thickness to insure rotor strength and integrity. So the daimond end points also acts as a minimum thickness indicator. If you don't see the diamond end points, this means you are reaching your minimum thickness on the rotor.

The appearance of this design is highly desirable to the performance enthusiast wanting a new look to their vehicle. It gives an aggressive appearance and enhance the look of your wheels.  

Heat is a normal product of the braking system. The problem is that for every increase of 100 degrees over the normal operating temperature, brake wear doubles. The longer your brakes stay at high temperatures, (this is called "out-gassing"), which forms a barrier between the pad and disc, the out-gassing pushes the pad from the rotor and therefore reduces brake efficiency.

The primpary reason diamond slot rotors are the best solution is that they run cooler, apporximately 200-250 degrees cooler when used with high performance pads, This reduces the chances of warping, which has become a major problem in recent years, particularly on late-model, domestic vehicles. Additionally, you will experience improved wet-weather braking.

So, if you are experiencing overheating of your brakes or if you just want a new modern look for your car or truck, check out the new Diamond Slot Rotors available on the market. They're really hot and yet cool.

Rounded Slots

  • Brake Debris is trapped within slots, minimizing brake bite.
  • Outdated design
  • Uneven gas distribution, maximizing the possibility of glased rotor surface
  • Minimizes effectiveness of slots

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