Warranty Policy


1 year on warping, one year on manufacturer defects such as cracking (rotor must be within the minimum thickness).

R1 Carbon Geomet

1 year on warping, Lifetime on manufacturer defects such as cracking (rotor must be within the minimum thickness)

Manufacturer Defects

This covers any products that structurally compromised or weakened because of structural failure. Does not cover zinc plating, rusting, pitting or cosmetic damages, normal wear and tear or damage caused by negligence, lack of maintenance, accident, abnormal operation, track racing, improper installation or service.

Warranty is valid from date of purchase, provided that the product has not been subject to abuse or misuse in its use or installation, or has not been subject to modification or alteration. Products must be installed as supplied in matching sets and must be in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's instructions. All warranty claims require proof of purchase and must be approved by an authorized representative of R1Concepts Inc. Customers must provide an order number and copy of Invoice/Receipt when making claim. If you receive an item that is broken, defective or incorrect due to a data error, and has not been used or assembled within 30 days of purchase, R1Concepts will provide a prepaid return shipping label. Customer will be responsible for return shipping on any Brake Rotors that are warped or cracked in order to receive a replacement. During exchange or warranty claims R1 Concepts is not responsible or liable for any mechanical, installation, or storage fees. Warped or cracked rotors must be sent back to R1Concepts before a replacement set will be sent out to the customer. Upon receipt of product, any shipping charges both ways for any cancellations, returns or warranty claims outside the Continental USA will be the responsibility of the customer. R1Concepts under No circumstance will pay for any shipping costs outside the Continental USA.

Another Warranty Terms

In order to file a warranty claim for warped rotors, a copy of a brake report from a certified auto shop or dealership is needed. The report must indicate exactly which rotor or rotors are warped along with associated test results.

Warranty claim is for a one time replacement only