Cross-Drilled Slotted Performance Brake Rotors

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So what is the hype with cross-drilled and slotted rotors?  Basically, the purpose of cross-drilled, slotted, or dimple rotors is to dissipate heat by degassing the hot gasses created under intense and normal driving conditions.

Cross-Drilled Slotted Rotors

In this aritcle, you will find terminologies used in the brake industry as well as a short description of styles and designs.  All cross-drilled slotted rotors have the same characteristic:

CNC machined for precision & balance 
Military spec. Plating 
Prevent premature warping 
Prevent fade 
Reduce operating temperature 
Reduce stopping distance
Prolong the life of the pads and rotors

Cross-drilled: Holes are drilled through the rotor to dissipate heat. Cross drilling is very effective for heat dissipation. It will prolong the life to the pads, rotors and improve stopping power. It also shed off water under-wet driving condition.

Slotted: A line cut on the surface of the rotors to dissipate heat and increase bite. Slotted rotors will bring up the operation temperature of the braking components much faster over cross-drilled, yet it dissipates the heat at the same time. The added bite will reduce the stopping distance. Slotted rotor does not scarify the structural integrity of the rotor.

Zinc-Plating:  Zinc plating is a chemical process that is applied onto most rotors to prevent rotors from rusting.  This chemical plating process is usually available in black zinc, gold zinc, or silver zinc.  Although the entire rotors is zinc plated, the zinc will only remain on areas that do not come into contact with the brake pads.  When purchasing cross-drilled slotted rotors, always make sure that the seller offers free zinc ($40 Value). 


Cross-drill and slot patterns are precisely CNC machines for perfect fit to OEM specs for use with OEM calipers and wheels so that no upgrades are needed.  Cross-drilled and slotted rotors give the maximum braking performance under all necessary driving conditions.  Precision machined holes or slots on the rotors will allow hot gases from brake pads to escape quickly to prevent skidding or locking up.  The quick response from pads to rotors will allow for improvement in stopping power.  In addition to performance, cross-drilled slotted rotor customizes and enhances a vehicle's wheels.