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We Are In This Together

The safety and health of our community, including our loyal customers and dedicated associates, are always of utmost importance to us.

In effort to protect our communities and workplace, we are also taken the following measures in an effort to protect our communities and workplace:

  • R1 Concepts employees have been wearing masks since April 8th, 2020.
  • We ask that all customers must wear a mask or face covering of some sort in order to enter our buildings due to the Los Angeles requirements that were set on April 11th, 2020.
  • Since R1 Concepts fall under the category of essential businesses under automotive repairs and supplies, we will continue to stay open under these restrictions.
  • Beyond our normal cleaning protocols, we will continue to clean and disinfect our facilities on a daily basis.

Please keep in mind, there may be some delays in shipping. Should a delay occur, you will receive an email with an updated estimated time of arrival. We also invite you to contact our Customer Service team at 1-888-712-6623 for personal assistance with your shopping experience.

Due to the evolving situation, we will adapt accordingly and continue to communicate with you. While keeping our distances, together we can stop this!

eLINE Series Brake Rotors

At R1 Concepts Brake Parts online, we offer high quality brake rotors, pads, caliper and more. Shop online or give us a call today at  888-712-6623.

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