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Should I Get Diamond Slotted Rotors?

geomet front or rear slotted 1 - Should I Get Diamond Slotted Rotors?

There are many types of rotors in the market. In this article, we are going to highlight Diamond Slotted rotors. If you’ve been mulling over whether to get them or not, you’ve come to the right place.

What are Diamond Slotted Rotors?

diamond slotted rotor - Should I Get Diamond Slotted Rotors?

Diamond Slotted rotors get their name from their unique diamond etching pattern. These etched diamonds will help you in many ways, including:

• Increase your brake pad bite because of the slots which remove brake dust and other particles, allowing the contact points between the rotor and pads to stay the same

• Release brake pad gases faster

• Easily show brake rotor wear

• Give you increased performance in wet conditions by allowing water to escape through the holes

• Reduce brake fade

• Ensure safety and reliability

• Make your car look more aesthetically pleasing

Both the slots and the diamonds are designed to rest at the minimum rotor thickness to ensure the strength and integrity of the rotor. If you don’t see the diamond endpoints, this means you are reaching your minimum thickness on the rotor and need a replacement soon. 

However, the biggest praise that diamond slotted rotors receive is from street racers. This is due to the fact that diamond slotted rotors are heat dissipation kings. They are 200-250 degrees cooler than other types of brake rotors when used with performance brake pads. Cooler rotors mean better performance. It’s that simple. 

Round Slotted vs Diamond Slotted Rotors

diamond slot vs round slot - Should I Get Diamond Slotted Rotors?

Diamond Slotted rotors are one of the most modern brake rotor designs in the market and are extremely popular in automotive and racing communities. 

How are diamond slotted rotors different from round slotted rotors aside from aesthetics? Here are a few ways:

• Rounded slots trap brake debris, therefore it minimizes your brake pad bite

• They provide your brake rotors with uneven gas distribution, which can ultimately result in a glazed rotor surface

• The slot’s effectiveness is halved due to the inefficient partnership it has with round drilled holes

• No rotor wear indicator

Some of you might think, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but we beg to differ. Diamond slotted rotors take the braking game up a notch and allow brake rotors to perform better. After all, the advancement of technology should make things better, not worse. 

In the end, if you’re choosing between diamond and regular round slot rotors, diamond slots are the way to go. Round slotted rotors are relics of the past, and diamond slotted rotors fit the new standards of beauty and performance.

Are There Other Types of Rotors?

Yes, there are plenty of other rotor types. The two main types are drilled rotors, while the others are slotted rotors. Drilled rotors only have drilled holes in them, while slotted rotors only have slots in them. 

cross drilled rotor and diamond slotted rotor - Should I Get Diamond Slotted Rotors?

Think of a Diamond Slotted and Drilled Rotor as the best of both worlds. Drilled rotors have holes that help release the water, while slotted rotors have slots that shave off any brake dust and other particles that may come into contact with your brake pad and rotors. 

brake kit - Should I Get Diamond Slotted Rotors?

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