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Easter Jeep Safari 2022: Day 1

There is no doubt that anyone that’s taken on the Hell’s Revenge Trail in Moab, Utah, knows that it takes a lot of power and performance to deliver the very best result. The Easter Jeep Safari is perhaps one of the best demonstrations of this.

What Is the Easter Jeep Safari?

The Easter Jeep Safari took place from April 9th through April 17th this year and allowed Jeep Off-Roaders to take to the roads and trails and dominate the terrain. The safari includes trail rides. These are typically full-day long trips that leave from Moab and span the entire nine-day long event. Red Rock 4-Wheelers Inc. hosted this year’s event.

To participate in the event, drivers brought their own four-wheel-drive vehicles. Each rider handles their own food and drink and sets out on the road. There are some highly intense trails and some that are more forgiving for newer drivers. Participants in the event must stay on designated routes to ensure safety and allow everyone to enjoy the backcountry. Safety is also essential in terms of ensuring the vehicles used are in excellent condition.

All vehicles have to have an integral metal top or a roll bar. They also have to be street legal and licensed. Additionally, vehicles have to up the game when it comes to onboard safety with seat belts, lights, and working brakes.

R1Moab20 1000x667 - Easter Jeep Safari 2022: Day 1
Crawlin’ rocks and haunting trails!

Consider Hell’s Revenge at Its Fullest

Just to the northeast of Sand Flats Road and the river is Hell’s Revenge. It’s an intense, long stretch of slickrock that has a formal 4WD trail outlined. There are steep climbs here, and the descents can be just as fierce. With critical edges, this type of trail is not for just anyone. The steep slopes are not as rugged because there is ample traction on the sandstone, making it possible for some of the most breathtaking experiences.

The surface of the Hell’s Revenge trail is primarily slickrock. In addition to this, there are areas of broken rock, sand, rock ledges, and blow sand, all of which add up to create an intense experience. With drops on both sides of the very first ascent, the trail often challenges drivers from the start. There are some steep climbs involved as well as some sharp turns. At one point, there is a very steep descent along a steep ridge, with very little room on the left due to intense cliffs.

R1Moab22 1000x667 - Easter Jeep Safari 2022: Day 1
Steep descents…here we gooooooo!

The R1 Concepts Brakes in Action

Some of the participants installed the R1 Concepts Rotors and Brake Pads for the terrain. For Jeep drivers who two-foot it (meaning they have one foot on the brake and one on the gas), these brakes are an excellent choice. They provide a higher level of confidence when facing these incredibly intense circumstances. Some participants even call it a game-changer.

With the steep inclines and deep dips, there is no doubt having the right braking system in place is critical. R1 Concept Performance Brake Parts helps make these intense situations even more enjoyable. Many would say that the benefit of taking on Hell’s Revenge is all about the views and the stunning atmosphere. For those behind the wheel of a Jeep, there’s no doubt it is about the adrenaline and performance that is behind every twist and turn here, not to mention every high cliff and steep edge.

Check out how the team at R1 Concepts updated and improved their Jeep to ensure it allowed for the very best experience at the Easter Jeep Safari.

R1Moab13 1000x667 - Easter Jeep Safari 2022: Day 1
R1Moab30 1000x667 - Easter Jeep Safari 2022: Day 1
R1Moab24 1000x667 - Easter Jeep Safari 2022: Day 1
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