Why I Sometimes Hate People!

 Why I Sometimes Hate People!

When I was growing up, my mom would always tell me to respect other people. She would preach to me not to judge people because I don’t know them and I don’t know where they’ve been. She would tell me to treat others how I would like to be treated. These are great words to live by and I’ve tried by best to live by these guidelines. However,  this can be very difficult at times because  there are soo many annoying people who do random irritating things. The list can go on for days but here are some that I’ve noticed daily. I will call this segment, I Hate It When….

I hate it when I’m in the carpool lane when the normal lanes aren’t flowing smoothly and the guy in front of me is going slower than the normal lanes.  What would be the point to that? Do you really need to be in the carpool lane if everyone in the normal lanes are passing you up.

I hate is when Im at a red light on the far right lane and I need to make a right turn but can’t because the guy in front of me needs to wait for the green light because he needs to go straight.

I hate it when you pick up your girlfriend to go out. You call her when your about to exit the freeway to let her know you’re there. Yet, when you arrivie somehow you end up waiting another 10 minutes before she comes out. WTF!!!!

I hate it when I’m watching some TV show and someone changes the channel without asking if anyone was watching.  Grrrrr!!!!!

I hate it when I call for help with my account and the rep ask me for my account number or telephone number again when I already punched it in at the beginning on my phone.

I hate it when I ask someone a simple, straightforward question and they spend another 5 minutes explaining and rambling on an on about nonsense. Comon! YES!!! OR NO!!!!!!

I hate it when I’m driving down a freeway and some jerk in front decides that the ashtray inside his car is no place for cigarettes and flicks the butt out the window which then bounces off my car.

Feel free to share your “I hate it when…”

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