Why do brakes squeal or make noise?

Brake squeal is caused by high-frequency vibration between the brake pads,
rotors, and calipers. It could be possible of missing springs or anti-rattle
clips that should be on the caliper or pad, loose fittings of brake pads in the
caliper, improper tightening of lug nuts, or calipers upon installation.


It is not unusual these days to hear brake noise because of the harder
semi-metallic brake pads replacing the asbestos material that the U.S.
government banned around the 1980s. Semi-metallic pads which are louder than
others because of the ingredients used in the pads. Sometimes dust build up in
the drums which can cause squealing when braking . The noise is not dangerous as
long as there is no metal-to-metal contact. The squealing noise from brake pads
does not affect braking performance or indicate a brake problem.


There are several ways to reduce brake squeal:


-You can get a complete inspection of the brake system. Make sure everything is installed correctly.


-You can also go through the break-in process when purchasing new rotors  and pads by driving 30-35 mph applying moderate pressure 6 to 10 stops. Then make an additional 2 to 3 hard stops from approximately 40 to 45mph. But do not drag brakes. This process can “de-glaze” the brake pads and help reduce the squealing noise.


-Another way is to purchase brake pads that are chamfered on each end to reduce squealing. R1concepts carry Posi Quiet semi-metallic chamfered brake pads.


  • Chamfered Brake Pads


-You can also purchase brake pads with a softer compound such as ceramics, organic or both. It may cost more, but if the squealing noise bothers you, it might be worth it. For instance, looking into getting Axis Deluxe pads. It has a mixture of ceramics and organic compound which makes it one of the quieter pads compared to others.

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