What’s Wrong With Your Car and What Needs to be Fixed?

There are signals to tell you what may be wrong with your vehicle and what parts need to be replaced. I’ve had two used, older vehicles over 100,000 miles and one exceeding over 200,000 miles. These are a few natural problems that usually happen once the vehicle gets older.

If you ever walk into your car, turn on the ignition but it doesn’t start and you notice the light is dimming when you turn the key to your ignition. The obvious problem is your battery is low and needs jumper cables to receive transferred power from another vehicle. How about if you use jumper cables and it still doesn’t work?

There are two reasons:

 -First, It can be your battery is out of juice and needs to be replaced.

 -Second, your Alternator (energizes your battery and keeps it running) is no longer working properly and needs to get replaced.


Vehicle Alternator

If your vehicle is starting to smoke while you are driving, it can be your Radiator (a tank that holds fluids to keep you vehicle cool and prevent it from overheating), which is usually located right in front of your engine when you open the hood.



 There are several reasons for this problem:

 -The Radiator is running low on coolant or water so you just have to open the cap and replenish it.

 -If it still starts smoking after you have refilled it with fluids, then your Radiator might have a crack and you would have to replace your vehicle with a new radiator.

 -It can be a little problem such as a loose or worn out tube where fluids go through to keep your vehicle cool.

 -The most expensive problem can be that your Water Pump is old and not working properly anymore and has to be replaced.

 If you haven’t changed your brakes on your vehicle for a while and you start to hear squealing sounds, it may be time to change your brake pads. The worst is if you hear metal grinding sounds, then for sure you need to change your brake pads but also your rotors too. You can purchase performance brake rotors and pads at a great price by visiting R1concepts.com.


Brake Pads







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2 Responses to What’s Wrong With Your Car and What Needs to be Fixed?

  1. M.P September 4, 2008 at 8:16 pm #

    That’s why most imports like hondas are realiable. Thier engines are easy to fix in my opinion.

  2. Martin September 8, 2008 at 1:14 pm #

    I would also agree with M.P. I driven nothing but Hondas my whole life. Driving my second Honda Accord and had it for over 6 years now with 105k miles. I had no problems with it. Just do the basic oil changes and still running like a champ.

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