WALL-E: A must see summer movie

I’ve watch WALL-E 2 weeks ago after hearing from my friends that it’s a really good animated movie. I’ve always been a fan of Pixar Animation Studios movies (I’m a kid at heart). The animation in this film is amazing like always. The story is very touching. I won’t go into much detail incase you haven’t watch it yet. But the story will open your eyes to what the future may lie ahead in a over exajurated way.

I’ve written a blog on how R1 Concepts Inc. has gone green. Well this movie shows what the future might be like if we don’t change how we dispose trash, not recycling, rely so much on technology to make our life easier, and just mainly being careless of how we treat our Earth. To me this movie was a big eye opener of how we take everything for granted.

So who is WALL-E and what does he do? WALL-E (stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) is a robot and his job is to pile up the trash that surrounds the whole city. The Earth was no longer bearable to live so the Humans left the Earth and lived in outspace in a very big space ship. All the robots similar to WALL-E was shut off except for him. 700 years later the Humans sent out a robot name EVE (female robot I guess) to Earth to search for a object that can prove Earth is once again,  livable. Once WALL-E meets EVE he goes on a really big advanture to help bring the Humans home to Earth. That is all I’m going to say and I’m sorry if I have told too much.

Once again, go see this movie. I hope it will open up your eyes about going GREEN as it has to me. If it didn’t, you will still love the heart warming story and many humorous scenes. This movie gets 2 thumbs up from me. Also give it a A-.

WALL-E The movie

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