Vodka In A Pill!?

In Moscow, good news for vodka lovers as you can consume your favorite alcohol beverage without actually drinking it. Evgeny Moskalev, a Russian professor of St. Petersburg Technological University has expanded a technique that turns alcohol into powder and packing it into pills. This new technique can also solidify any kind of alcohol including whiskey, cognac, and beer.


This is great for those who feel that the pill can come in handy when consumers would be able to know and calculate how much dosage they need at a givin time (parties, bars, etc.).  But there is a downside to this, there are others who love to drink for the social atmosphere of just “having a drink with your friends”. Alcohol pills will take away some of that fun. Or how about those who drink alcohol only to get “buzzed” or drunk. What if you take away that hard part (for some) of having to drink all that alcohol since now you have it in a pill. How many pills would you take now?

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