Top Five Worst Christmas Gifts

A gift is something to be thankful for …but sometimes you receive those gifts that are just ‘eehhhh bad.  Here is my top five picks of bad Christmas presents.  Lets start with #5 being the least worse and #1 is the worse of them all.

#5.  Hickory Sausages & Cheese – Don’t get me wrong, I love hickory sausages and cheese.  The packaging just looks too good to eat.  Spend money else where.

#4.  Personalized Mug – Not to bad of a gift if it had picture of you on it but instead of your Aunt Kelly or Uncle John.

#3.  Someone else’ hand me down Chocolate – Chocolate is not a bad gift (I have a big sweet tooth) but when the person who gives you the gift, forgets to take off the “To” and “From” tag. -Meaning, someone else gave them the chocolate but they did no’t want it so they past it on to you.

#2.  Chia pet – Rather spend that close to $20.00 on other plants or even the Chia Herb which you than can grow and eat.  (FYI:  Do you ever wonder that type of plant Chia Pet is?  Chia is actually a type of plant.)

#1.  Fruit Cake – Do people still gives these out?  I tired them once and they’re not my kind of cakes.

So what makes a good Christmas gift.  First of the all, remember to put a heart warming Christmas card with the gift, just remember to leave an extra message besides what comes on the card.   If you’re on budget, make your own Christmas and that’s even more thoughtful.  Even making your own Christmas gifts are great gift.  Even though they sometimes don’t come out 100% perfect, it’s still super thoughtful.  My thoughts are if someone put out the time in making a gift, it’s worth more than that expensive stuff.  Time as we know is precious.  Something to think about.

Gifts that are useful and not sit to collect dust are always a plus for me,  unless it’s a nice vase or picture frame.  Then, you can put more pictures around that house and flowers as well.

Other useful gifts can be like buying R1 Concepts brakes for that special someones’ car.  You’ll save them money in buy brake when they need it and plus it’s R1 Concepts brake products.  Not only you will save them money but also time, because when the brakes are up they can have it changed right away.  With R1 Concepts performance products they will get better braking.  Better braking means you care.

These are my five top worse picks whats yours?  Happy Holidays everyone!!!

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