Top 5 tips to save money on gas

Gas prices soars to record highs everyday.  This means more money out of our wallets.   However, there are ways to minimize on spending too much money at the gas pumps.  Here are 5 good tips, on how to keep the cash in your stash.

1.  COMMUTE:  Find co-workers, friends, school-mates, that travel the same direction.  By this, you can switch out days of driving from one another.

2.  RESEARCH LOCAL GAS STATIONS:  Here is a link where you can search your local gas stations and the prices of gas.  GASBUDDY.  This will help you find the cheapest gas stations around you.  Try to also pump on Wednesdays, which statistically shows it cheaper.   Use credit cards that offer gas savings.  This will definitely help you save some bucks at the pump.  Use the lowest recommended octane for your vehicle.

3.  TUNE UP ON YOUR VEHICLE:  Maintenance on your vehicle will keep it running efficient as possible.   Changing to synthetic oil will allow your engine to run better and give you higher mileage.   Upgrading your air filter will cost a little more, but will pay off in the long run with the fuel savings.   Also, cleaning your fuel injectors will give your car a boost in performance and gas mileage.

4.  DRIVE SMARTER:  Plan your trips.  Avoid traffic lights and traffic jams which tends to keep the motor running, and using fuel.   Driving at a consistent speed will keep fuel to the minimum.   Maintain a safe cruise and brake only when necessary.   Avoid idling the vehicle.   Instead of driving thru a restaurant, park the car and go inside to order.  Idling gets 0 miles to the gallon and uses up the same amount of gas.   Avoid using A/C as much as possible.   Park in the shade, this will keep your car cool, and keep your gas from evaporating.

5.  BUY A DIFFERENT CAR:  Get rid of the SUV’s as they are the gas guzzlers.   Try to find a diesel engine vehicle or a Hybrid.  These will give you the best mileage over gas.  Also a smaller car to commute will be good.  If those fail, get a motorcycle or scooter.  These will get you anywhere from 50-70 mpg.  

**Lastly, If your significant other does not allow you to get a motorcycle, show them what you pay for gas and how this can save a lot of cash for vacations and gifts.  This will change their minds instantly =) **

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