Top 5 Most Fuel-Efficient Cars

These days money is tight because of declining economy.  Many people are affected by this to save money, spend less, and spend their money more wisely. But there are some expenses a person can’t avoid like rent, mortgage, food, and especially gas for your vehicle. With gas prices fluctuating and at one time almost reaching $5 a gallon, people are looking to purchase more fuel efficient vehicles. These are the top 5 most efficient cars.


#5, Toyota Camry Hybrid


Fuel Economy Specs

Overall MPG-34



150 mile trip-37

#4 Honda Civic Hybrid


Fuel Economy Specs

Overall MPG-37



150 mile trip-45


#3 Toyota Prius Touring


Fuel Economy Specs

Overall MPG-42



150 mile trip-48


#2 Toyota Prius Base

Fuel Economy Specs

Overall MPG-44



150 mile trip-48

 #1 Volkswagen 1L

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  1. Bill Adam February 12, 2009 at 4:43 am #

    i have tried Toyota Camry Hybrid and Honda Civic Hybrid and really Fuel-Efficient Cars.

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