Tierra Del Sol 2016: Desert Safari

The thrill of leaving the pavement, the freedom that the dirt path provides, and the ability to be able to feel every bump below during the excitement of being off-road, it all accumulates to the enthusiasm of being a part of the Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari. Tierra Del Sol’s history goes back as far as 60 years, where it was after World War II that it was discovered that a Jeep proved to be very utilitarian and sturdy. It was when a new hobby and recreation was formed, utilizing Jeeps to trek the mountains in the country and ripping through the deserts creating new trails. It was when a group of guys who used to partake in the “Search and Rescue” operations, and turned their focus on explorations and adventure, was when the term “Jeeping” turned into “4 Wheeling”. A small group was created consisted of early 4 Wheelers, and they called it: Tierra Del Sol. Representing Spyder Auto and Team R1, a Jeep Wrangler braking with our eLINE Rotors took to the trails on the Desert Safari and had a blast. It was a great start to the Stopping The World Tour and we have many OFF Road events coming up, stay tuned!

Can you spot the R1 Equipped rides?

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