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The Worlds Biggest Car

The Worlds Biggest Car

Have you ever had one of those moments where you daydream up the most ridiculous things, things so ridiculous that you have to say “wow, what’s wrong with you” to yourself . For me, this often occurs when I’m stuck in traffic. A few days ago as I was moving at snail pace between a sea of cars, irritated with the car in front of me as if it was solely their fault for the traffic gridlock, I drifted into imaginationland. There, I found myself behind the wheels of the worlds biggest car, a car as big as a house, gracefully crunching my way through the traffic. And after what seems like hours, but in reality was less than 30 minutes, traffic picked up and  I became sane again. That trip through imaginationland lead me to find out that the worlds biggest car do exist.

The Liebherr T 282B could possible be the largest operating vehicle on the planet. Manufacture by Liebherr Mining Equipment Co. in Virginia, USA, the T 282B is powered by a diesel/electric, 3,750 horsepower Cummins engine coupled with a Siemens-liebherr AC electric drive system transmission. It stands at 24 foot 3 inches tall and 47 feet 6 inches long. These mammoths are mainly sold for use in coal mines, copper mines, iron and gold mines around the world. Each T 282B can cost anywhere between 4-5 million USD, depending on certain specifications requested by customers. Can you imagine the brakes it takes to stop this thing and changing a tire is no weekend chore.

Equally impressive as the worlds biggest vehicle would be Sheikh Hamad’s version of a 1950’s Dodge Power Wagon. Sheikh Hamad, an extremely wealthy oil tycoon replicated the Dodge Power Wagon in the mid-90’s. The replica weighs around 50 tons and is 64 times larger than the original. This house on wheels has four standard size bedrooms, living room and bathroom. Being that big, it’s a surprise that its engine, a GM diesel only cranks out 300hp. Regardless, it’s still very impressive and even more so if seen in person.

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