The new Big Carl Burger Review

You’ve probably seen the new Carl’s Jr. commercial that’s been playing a lot on television.  They came out with a burger that they claimed to be similar taste to the McDonalds Big Mac.  But twice the meat and cheese.  It’s also priced lower then a Big Mac at only $2.49.  When it comes to fast food burgers, Carl’s Jr. is one of my favorites as well as the Big Mac at McDonalds.  So the commercial made me want to try it.

You know how commercials make the burgers look so big and neat, well it’s never like that when you order it.  The size of the burger is like a Double Famous Star burger.  It has all the ingredients of a Big Mac: sesame seed bun, lettuce (not chopped but slices), pickles, 2 meat patties, classic sauce, but without the 3rd bun in the middle and onions.  It was actually pretty good, mainly because Carl’s charbroil their meat.  It does have a similar taste but yet still different.  It doesn’t make me not want a Big Mac any more but when I crave for Carl’s Jr I would order it again. 

So it’s worth a try if your a Big Mac fan or addicted to fast food…. not like me, I’m on a diet.  Only once a week.  Lunch time used to be fast food for me everyday but I stopped. I swear! LOL. On a side note I wish Carl’s Jr had their old fries.  I don’t like the new fresh cut fries they came out with.  ENJOY!

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