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If you’re a SUCKER for crawfish or other creatures of the sea, The Boiling Crab is the place to get your SUCK on!  Known for their Cajun style cooking, The Boiling Crab is hot enough to turn for your lips bright red or even purple.  (Did you know that 90% of the worlds Crawfish (a.k.a. Crayfish) is harvest from Louisiana.)   During my early teens years, my family and I went to New Orleans, Louisiana to visit my realatives.  We  couldn’t say we officially stayed in New Orleans without eating there Louisiana style crawfish.

My uncle in Louisiana is a great cook, he has his own restuarant in New Orleans at the time, and knew how to cook many different style dishes.  I remember him cooking the crawfish in a gigantic pot of boiling water with all these ingredients.  I was there outside watching him cook these live babies and also, sweating in the hot humid weather.  So that’s how I was first suckered into these suckers.  I have friends in Orange County, California, and they said they had crawfish down here.  Missing these little suckers, I had to go down to OC to get my suck on.  That’s how we heard about ‘The Boiling Crab.’

Live Crawfish

Live Crawfish

Cooked Crawfish

Cooked Crawfish = Yummy!

My first time there, I thought I was the big man, so we order the Spicy (there’s Spicy, Medium, Mild)  Cajun style crawfish and boy my lips were purple.  If you’re gonna eat these little guys you have to stuck the head.  That’s where all the juices and spices are at.  So next time around we order the Medium spicy Cajun and that hit the spot.  The Boiling Crab Cajun style is a bit different than Louisiana style.  Both are great to eat!  Hot and packed with flavor.  Also, they serve ice cold beers and nothing cools the spice then downing a refreshing cold beer.  They have many different style cooking of the crawfish on their menu, and the best one of all is “the whole she-bang.”  It’s mixed with the sauce are Cajun spice, lemon pepper, butter, and garlic.  Corn and saugages are also added into the goodies.  Not only they have crawfish, but also raw oysters.  You can either have a dozen or a half-dozen.  -Fresh and tasty.  Plus, there Cajun fries that are so good, I don’t think one basket is enough.  If you’re not into crawfish they also have shrimps, king crab legs, blue crab, clams, dungeness crabs with call the different cooking style.  Great seafood menu selection.

Here’s a little clip for to learn how to eat crawfish:

The crawfish frenzy grown rapidly in OC and there’s two of “The Boiling Crab” where you can dine and another restuarant just to order to-go.  Check out the website and you’ll see all the places you have get your suck on.  I’ve been to other place in OC that open after “The Boiling Crab,” but so far, hands down, this place is the best.

The Boiling Crab

The Boiling Crab

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