Terminator Salvation: Movie Review

Finally was able to catch a flick, its been awhile. Been busy but had 3 days off because of Memorial Day. Lot’s of new movies came out; Night at the Museum-Battle of the Smithsonian, Terminator Salvation, and Dance Flick. I’m a huge Terminator fan, mainly Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991). This new one looks more promising then Terminator 3: Rise of Machines (2003) and I don’t remember much of The Terminator (1984) . Looking at the previews, the graphics looks good and also staring Christian Bale as John Conner. So this movie has to deliver…. right?

The date is 2018, the machines from Skynet has taken over the World. The human race is now small and in hiding like rats. They are out numbered by machines. There is a army called the reistance that is trying to fight Skynet and the man that everyone listens to is John Conner. He is the man who everyone has faith to take out Skynet and lead them. John has a really good understanding of what Skynet is capable of and what lies ahead because of his mom, Sarah Conner. She left him lots of recorded tapes of information given by her before she was killed. When John thought he knew everything that Skynet is capable of, a man name Marcus (Sam Worthington) steps in. He’s mainly a machine but has a human heart. Marcus wanted to help John get into the heart of Skynet. But John never heard of such a machine, did not know Skynet was capable of this type of machine, and was never told anything about it by his mother. John doesn’t know if he should trust this thing that either came from the past to help, or from the future to destory John and the resistance. But I’m already spilling a bit too much so you will have to watch it to find out the whole story. I don’t to spoil it.

Martins Reviews:

So did this movie deliver? I would say yes. So go watch it in theaters because you get the whole effect not just from the computer graphics but from the sound effects. It’s really amazing the sound the machines and termintors makes, feels like you’re there. The story wasn’t bad but I think they are having a difficult time creating a story from the recent Terminators. Action is good, but nothing still compares to the action in Terminator 2. In Terminator 2, it gave you this fear of being chased, Terminator Salvation did the same thing in one of the action scene but just didn’t do as well as the scene in Terminator 2 when John Conner was speeding away in his little motorcycle, trying to get away from the terminator driving a big rig. Christain Bale did a great job playing John Conner, only thing about him is he kind of gives that deep, trying too hard, Batman voice at times. Also Lt. Blair Williams (Korinna Moon Bloodgood) looks gorgious in here, she reminds me of a younger version of Tia Carrere. For the people that did see it, did you see Terry Alan Crews (aka T-Money in Battle Dome, Damon in Friday After Next, think you got the point) in the begining when he was dead from the blast? It look just like him, didn’t even show him when he was alive but showed him when he was dead.

Martin’s Grade: B

Should you watch this in theaters? Yes

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