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Modern Warfare 2: Fastest Selling Game of All Time

I wasn’t surprise hearing predictions that MW2 will become the fastest selling video game of all time. But with the arrival of early data of sales, I was surprise on how much MW2 broke the previous record by. According to VGChartz day one preliminary sales including the midnight launches topped over 7 million copies worldwide […]

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Street Fighter 4 Game Preview

I remembered when Street Fighter II was first release in 1991. Street Fighter II was one of the best fighting game of all time. I was only nine years old, saving up quarters that I find around the house just to go down to the liquor store close to my house and play Street Fighter […]

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XBOX 360, a Bag of Hurt.

  It’s been just over 3 years since the release of Microsoft’s mighty video game console and yet the technical problems with the system are getting worse. We all know about the infamous “Red Ring of Death” which is the three flashing lights around the power button. This means that you have a hardware failure […]

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