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The new Big Carl Burger Review

You’ve probably seen the new Carl’s Jr. commercial that’s been playing a lot on television.  They came out with a burger that they claimed to be similar taste to the McDonalds Big Mac.  But twice the meat and cheese.  It’s also priced lower then a Big Mac at only $2.49.  When it comes to fast […]

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Terminator Salvation: Movie Review

Finally was able to catch a flick, its been awhile. Been busy but had 3 days off because of Memorial Day. Lot’s of new movies came out; Night at the Museum-Battle of the Smithsonian, Terminator Salvation, and Dance Flick. I’m a huge Terminator fan, mainly Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991). This new one looks more […]

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Movie Review: Four Christmases

Was out and about to catch a flick. Got to the movie theatre and there’s nothing that really capture my interest to watch. Then saw Four Christmases on the screen. Hmmmm… Oh thats the movie with Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon. Vince is a hilarous guy so I guess I had to watch it. I also remember […]

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Movie Review: Role Models

Role Models, I loved the trailers and previews from the commercials. So I had to see this movie. Finally had the time to go out and see it last night. This movie didn’t just have laughs but it’s one of those “feel good” movies. It was also good to see Seann William Scott back as […]

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Movie Review: Step Brothers

It was a saturday night and there was nothing to do. So I’ve decided to watch a movie rather then spend the saturday night at home doing nothing. I search up on what’s playing and saw that “Step Brothers” just came out this passed weekend (July 25, 2008). I love stupid funny movies but I’m not a […]

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2009 Nissan Maxima bringing back the 4DSC?

Nissan has redesign the soon to come, this summer, the all new 2009 Nissan Maxima. Nissan has shorten the wheel base but the new Maxima looks bigger then the previous Maxima. How can that be? Nissan calls this “Liquid Motion,” NIssan states that they butched up styling which gives it a aggressive stance. The headlights […]

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