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Can You Guess What Restaurant This Is?

Can you guess what restaurant this is? Ok, I will give you a hint, its fast food… There food menu serves no buns… It is an American Franchise… If you gone this far without guessing what restaurant this is then I’ll just give you the answer. Yes, Pizza Hut! Can you believe it? Did you […]

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Can You Handle One Slice Of Pizza?

Ever since I found out that I had some minor health issues, I started to exercise more and watch what I eat. Reading the nutrition facts is a real good habit of knowing what you put in your body. After I started reading nutrition facts, I’ve come to realize how fat our foods really are. […]

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Japans 350Z vs. Americas 350Z, U.S. Gets the Cold Pizza

It can be depressing to be a car enthusiast living in America, especially when you have much love your own Domestic powerhouses but also have much respect for other delicacies the world has to offer. I am talking about all the cars that the American market do not have or at least the top of […]

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