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Backup Cell Phone for Only $20

Did your phone break and you need a backup phone right now? Great news, most prepaid phones allows you to insert your sim card and use as a regular phone without purchasing prepaid minutes. You will be able to use a cell phone right away while you get your phone repaired or search for a […]

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Ever since the Apple Iphone got released exclusively from Cingular, other mobile cell phone companies have tried to get a hold of a comparable touch screen phone to compete against the IPhone and attract customers to switch companies.  T-Mobile has their G1 Google phone. I’m going to review on pros and cons of Sprint HTC […]

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New California Laws: Cell phone use while driving

I just want to make sure everyone in California knows the 2 new cell phone laws that just came out and goes into affect today; Tuesday July 1, 2008. The legislation prohibits drivers from using a wireless telephone while operating a motor vehicle unless the driver uses a hands free device. You may only use the […]

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