Street Fighter 4 Game Preview

I remembered when Street Fighter II was first release in 1991. Street Fighter II was one of the best fighting game of all time. I was only nine years old, saving up quarters that I find around the house just to go down to the liquor store close to my house and play Street Fighter II with my friends. Man, there use to be lines waiting to play the game, we would line our quarters up at the bottom of the screen in the order of who’s next in line to play the game. Sometimes my whole day would be spent at the liquor store playing Street Fighter. Those were the good old days when you had nothing to worry about but to have some fun.

Nowadays, I would find very little time to play games. This is one of the biggest reasons why I own an Xbox 360; I can actually play with my friends online at the convenience of our home. All I need now is that one perfect game that I can kick my entire friend’s ass on. Yes, recent news states that Capcom, who is the maker of the Original Street Fighter series, is almost finish with the development of the highly anticipated Street Fighter 4. From the looks of the previews, this game seems to be another great game to add to the legendary franchise. All the original characters are back and rendered in 3D with 2D environments. This feature will allow for great visuals with stunning fast 2D style fighting that we are all use to. “Supers and combos” are added like always with new counters. I hope this game lives up to everyone’s expectations especially with such great success in the past. Here are some of the new features on the new game:

Challenge Mode

In challenge mode, there are three main categories; Time Attack, Survival, and Trial. Each with two different settings of difficulties, packed with numbers of challenges. When you complete a certain amount of challenges, the game unlocks rewards that range from extra colors and actions for each character to titles and icons that you can use for your player while playing online. Time Attack and Survival modes are basically earning extra time or health based on your performance on how well you do in the challenges. Another interesting mode is the Trial mode, it actually teaches you to play the game by making you complete specific combos for each character. This will be a good asset for those who are new to the series.


Online play is pretty sweet with all the new functions. You can set the desired round length or the search priority to find stable matches or fights that match your skill level. You can even set language priority to search for games in different languages such as Italian, Japanese,and Korean.

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