Stick it UP, the Right Gel

There are so many hair products for women out there in the stores and a few for men.  Finding the right hair gel, can just sometimes be hard.   As we grow older, we want to find hair products that don’t damage the hair as much, so we won’t loose any more hair.

I was on vacation with family and stayed at my cousin’s family house.  I was too lazy to get the gel out of my bag, so I ask if my cousin had any.  He gave me a bottle of ‘Redken Stand Tough Extreme Gel.’  This was one of Redken’s hair products for men.  (Before I go any further, I have straight black hair.  My style is, slicked back a bit with spikes.)  Right when I put the gel on my hair it was already holding.  The gel is thick, but not too thick and it have firmness to style it.  I was able to style my hair back, blow dried it, then with a bit of hairspray to top it off, blow dried a bit more, and I was done.  Usually with other gels, I used takes a while for the gel to dry.  Also, I sometimes have to use more gel to hold it back or just spray a lot of hairspray.  Overall, Redken Stand Tough Extreme Gel was easy and quick to use.

You can only find Redken for Men hair products online or in salons.  Salons might cost a bit more then going online.  I saw a few of there 5oz bottle for around $8-$10 a bottle.  Not too costly for good hair gel.  Remember, this good hair gel uses less gel to style the hair so you actually can be saving more than other gels.    After liking this hair gel so much, I went to there website and saw another hair product I was interest.  It’s there shampoo called ‘Densify.’  I don’t see much reviews on it, so I’ll do some more researching, before I do any buying.

Another good hair product I use to style my hair for a messy look is Axe ‘Whatever’ Messy Look Paste.   I also read this review on the product and thought it was good insight.

If there is any better hair gel out there, please let me know!!!  -Or any other hair products for Men as well.  Thanks!  Style it up!

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