Steel Braided Brake Lines Vs. Rubber Hose Brake Lines

Stainless steel braided lines vs Rubber hoses TEST RESULTS


TEST 1: Burst Pressure Test
Brake hoses should not show any sign of leakage if tested at 3600 PSI. However, a stainless steel line can have pressure up to 13500 PSI before bursting, whereas rubber hoses will burst at 8000 PSI.


TEST 2: Whip Test
Brake hoses should not brake loose when running in a flex machine for 35 hours. For a Stainless steel lines the test can vary between 45-82 hours. Rubber hoses should not exceed the 35 hour mark.
TEST 3: Hose Life Span
A stainless steel braided lines life expectancy is guaranteed for life of a vehicle, uusally stated at 200,000 miles, where rubber hose can average 4-5 years or up to 60,000 miles.

Kit’s Thoughts: 

Enough with all the facts and test between steel braided brake lines and rubber hose brake lines. If you never gota a chance to use stainless steel braided lines, it’s a must that you switch out your old rubber brake hose and try it. I can tell you one thing from my personal experience, you can feel a night a day difference. It’s no gimmick, I can say you can feel at least a %15 increase on your braking performance in any kind of weather or terrain.











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