Ever since the Apple Iphone got released exclusively from Cingular, other mobile cell phone companies have tried to get a hold of a comparable touch screen phone to compete against the IPhone and attract customers to switch companies.  T-Mobile has their G1 Google phone. I’m going to review on pros and cons of Sprint HTC Touch Diamond.

I have been with Sprint for about 2 years now and I love the plan I have with them, but I was really limited in getting a full touch screen phone like an Apple IPhone. Then I got really excited to hear that Sprint was releasing the HTC Touch Diamond. I called Sprint and upgraded from my Palm Centro.

I had it shipped to my house. Once I took it out of the box, it had a nice black reflective frame on the front side and maroon back with a small camera len. It has a 2.8” touch screen, quite smaller than the IPhone 3.5” touch screen. I was fine with the screen size. I have to admit the size of the phone is smaller than the IPhone, but fits really well in my pocket. It was light weight and didn’t weigh down one side of my pants. The touch response worked well, didn’t freeze or lagged on me. It has a 3D interface with VGA 680×480 pixel resolution. The text and images looks really crisp and vibrant. I was really impressed with the quality.

I really wanted the HTC Touch Diamond because of the internet. Internet can be displayed in mobile version(format easily to fit the screen size without scolling from left to right) and can also display exactly like a desktop computer. When I surf onto a website, it will show the whole webpage. It can be too small to read the text, so you can tap twice on a certain area and it will zoom in and modify all the text to fit exactly on your screen so you can just scroll up and down to read. I thought that was cool and easier than moving my fingers from left to right.

I love getting my emails on my phone so I can check them right away. It displays like a desktop computer but only thing is I would have to scroll horizontal and vertical to see the whole page and doesn’t have the option like if you were to surf online to see the whole email fit on the 2.8” screen and double tap to zoom in and fit the text onto the screen. So it’s okay, but it would be nice with that option.

The Cons of this phone I don’t like is the texting. The buttons are too small. You can’t turn the phone on its side and have the text buttons expand and become bigger so it would be a little easier to text. I had the phone for months now, and I still mess up and have to fix my mistakes. I use to love texting with my prior Palm Centro phone that had a keyboard. Now I just can’t stand to text unless it’s worth it.

I have a problem sending picture mail to people. I can receive picture mails but can never send out successfully. I had a friend that had the same phone and had the same problem. Loading takes quite a time to display or try to send. I have been so busy to try to call Sprint and resolve this problem. It’s a feature that many people may consider to be useful and fun.

Overall, I do enjoy my HTC Touch Diamond, but if you like to text, I would consider the HTC Touch Pro, but it will be 1.2 ounce heavier and 0.11” thicker in depth if you don’t mind. Click her for the HTC Touch Diamond specs.

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