SoCal Season Opener 2016: The Car Lab & Clean Culture Coverage

SoCal Season Opener: The Car Lab & Clean Culture

The SoCal Season Opener presented by The Car Lab & Clean Culture had a firestorm of hype built up from their social media following. Made popular by the infamous Autocon event, the location used was the Santa Anita Park parking lot. The lot was packed and filled to the max, with no disappointment of quality or lack of diversity in the builds being showcased.





The crowds swarmed the event, covered the lot, and filled in all the space that wasn’t filled with cars. The Car Lab and Clean Culture pre-selected the food, vendors, music, and the VIP Car Section. With the beautiful weather California provides year round, especially in spring, the SoCal Season Opener made its mark in the automotive scene here in California. 






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Clean Culture SoCal Season Opener Video Presented by R1 Concepts Media Productions:

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