Shameless Luxury? World’s Most Expensive Car Wax

So you think $100 for a hand wash and detailed wax for your dirty asphalt bruiser cruiser is expensive, think again. Brough & Howorth, a high-end vehicle detailing service company based in London, is offering those with deep pockets an alternative way to “protect and maintain your investment.” They are claiming to have “the world’s most exclusive paintwork protection treatment,” in other words, car wax. This car wax, labeled Definitive Wax Marble is an exclusive blend of beeswax, carnauba wax from Brazil, and other natural refined fruit oils. Brough & Howorth has the only pot in existence that costs $37,000 USD for a 480ml pot (that’s less than 2 cups). It is stored in a handcrafted solid marble box and since it’s the only pot in existence, I’m assuming the wax is to be used on multiple customers. It is so exclusive that you can’t just simply call in and order the godly goop. If you want to get your hands on this sacred wax, you will have to get the treatment directed by the professionals at Brough & Howorth. The treatment doesn’t come cheap. They have multiple treatment tiers ranging from $516.00 USD to $954.00 USD, to the ultimate package at $1,500.00 USD. Also, unless your paint job is perfect, Brough & Howarth will not apply the Definitive Wax for you. Instead, you will have to opt for their other service that can cost $100.00 USD an hour to restore your paint to perfection. Once your paint job is restored to perfection, you can qualify for the Definitive Wax Marble treatment. To get your money’s worth; the treatment is not a drive-in-drive-out process. It can take anywhere from 1-5 days depending on the treatment tier you go with.

For most of us, this sort of luxury is just ridiculous. In some ways, it is and in some ways it isn’t. If your money grows on trees and your matching Ferraris or Lambos need cleaning, would you take it to Joe Sunshine’s carwash? The logical answer would be no. So, in all fairness, if you have it, go for it. I just wonder, since it’s the only pot in existence and being rare as it is, do they lock it up in an air tight room like some banks have or do they just stash it in a cabinet somewhere in the back.

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  1. Martin T. October 7, 2010 at 2:49 pm #

    Wow never knew there was such an expensive car wax. Guess I found the perfect wax for my Bugatti… haha. Only in my dreams.

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