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Semi-metallic Brake Pads


The most common and traditional choice for brake pads, a metallic pad is an inexpensive and reliable option for cars and trucks. In the past, these were made with asbestos; nowadays, a semi-metallic or metallic brake pad is typically composed of 30 to 65 percent mixed metal (such as steel, iron, or copper) bonded with resin.

In general, a metallic brake pad is more aggressive than a ceramic one, which tends to perform better with gradual braking. If you consider yourself an aggressive driver, or worry about your vehicle coming to a stop when you jam on the brakes, metallic brake pads may be the right choice for you.

These brake pads do create dust, and can operate somewhat noisily compared to ceramic brake pads. Still, they are a good everyday option and are recommended for drivers on a budget. If you live in a cold climate, you may find that metallic brake pads do not operate as well as they do in warmer temperatures. It may be worth it the peace of mind to purchase different brake pads for use in winter, and know that you will be able to stop if you hit a patch of ice because your brakes perform consistently.

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