Ron Artest Should Benefit the Los Angeles Lakers

Ron Artest will be joining the Los Angeles Lakers this year and possibly bring more help to the team. Ron Artest will bring more defensive power to the Los Angeles Laker team and be able to close those open gaps from pick in roll plays more efficiently. He is good at keeping an opponent in front of him when it comes to one-on-one defense. He stands 5th on the list of best defensive players of 2009. Ron Artest has been a solid defender for the majority of his career.

Glimpse of his defense in the past.

All these characteristics should be a great benefit for the team in terms of defense. It is always said that defense wins games, but of course with a decent source of offense.

With the 2009-2010 season about to start next week, Laker fans are excited to see how Ron Artest fits on the team. Not much has changed on the roster except for Trevor Ariza leaving to go to Houston Rockets for salary contract and respect issues. Ron Artest will have to risk not shooting many shots because there is a lot of fire power on the Laker team already.

Ron Artest becomes a Los Angeles Laker

Ron Artest becomes a Los Angeles Laker

His role will most likely to stop or control fast and talented players from picking up easy shots. He has already said he is fine with that and will do what it takes to win a championship ring. For instance, prior to what he stated, he kept close relations with the Lakers organization and Kobe Bryant. Even after his Houston Rocket team lost to a competitive game 7 series against the Los Angeles Lakers, Ron was seen attending Laker games after that series. Also to add, he came close to fighting against Kobe Bryant in the playoffs, but chose to hold back. He didn’t hold back during the Pacers-Pistons brawl on November 19, 2004.

In the 2008 playoffs, Lakers lost to the Boston Celtics because they didn’t have the mental toughness to challenge and the thirst for the championship ring. . Is there chemistry with Artest on the Laker squad? This year with Ron Artest added to the roster, this should make the Los Angeles Laker team tougher than they were a couple years ago. Well, this is the prediction I’ve made.

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