Review: A Taste of 1989 – Remy Martin

I’m no expert at explaining taste of cognac, but I would like to share my experience.  The special occasion finally came and I got the chance to open up the bottle of Remy Martin 1989.  (What’s Remy Martin 1989?  Read my blog here.)  There were a couple of good friends over and we decided to make this night the night to try something we know that’s already going to be great.

As for the taste, it was pretty smooth and rich with flavor.  I tried Remy Martin Extra before and that was extra smooth.  When I took the first sip of my 1989, it was very intense and full of spice with touch of vanilla.  When I pour the 1989 into a wine class and rolled it, the cognac was pretty thick or should a say creamy.  All I have to say that it was worth money.  Loved the taste and had a great time with my friends that night.  So if you’re into cognac, this a definitely must try.  You will definitely enjoy the taste.

I’ve been trying to research on this 1989 but I think this is only a special production.  A special one time batch you can call it, so 1989 can run out.  That made me think if I should get another bottle for keeps.

Remy Martin 1989

Remy Martin 1989

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